Meet our hero

Yes, I said hero.

Johnathan McKinney is a program manager at the University of Maryland. He’ll be leading us through the process as we approach June 2017, and he’ll be there when we arrive. After that, it’s on us and other nice people at the University of Maryland.

But before then…

Johnathan will reserve rooms, talk us through the process, walk us back from the ledge. He’ll tell us where to eat or meet to discuss editorials. If he thinks it will too damn hot to walk to the Metro station in June, he’ll find us a campus map that shows the shuttle bus stops. He’ll tell us where the bathrooms are in the Stamp Student Union. And when we need a cold beer, Johnathan will point the way.

He is our hero.

Seriously, the man will help plan this conference from the pre-conference meetings to post-conference July 4th celebration. Thank you, Johnathan!

Also, if you’re wondering why he’s standing next to a turtle: A) he’s in the Stamp Student Union which has a turtle statue and B) the University of Maryland Mascot is the “Terrapin,” a species of turtle (given the Chesapeake Bay and all).

As they say here in Maryland: Fear the turtle but not the ISWNE conference! (Yeah, that’s a thing.)


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