The Speakers Are In!

The speaking schedule is largely set for ISWNE DC 2017. Make sure you register in print or online.

LucyDalglishDean Lucy Dalglish from the Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park will welcome us, along with students from the esteemed program.

Rob Logan from the National Institutes of Health, Frank LoMonte from the Student Press Law Center and Tonda Rush of the National Newspaper Association will walk us through what they are watching.

AlexanderFotoAndy Alexander of Foothills Forum, a nonprofit news venture; Samantha Harman, for the Greenslade Bursary; Gordon Cameron, winner of this year’s Mazza Scholarship; and Bill Miller, winner of the Cervi award will give us the 411 on their activities.

A host of people at the Library of Congress will show us around the beautiful buildings and help us with the journalism history and culture found there.

Still I await to hear from others. I’ll let you know when I know more. –Steve Thurston, conference host.


2017 Conference Registration OPEN

#ISWNEDC 2017 is ON. Regular registration through May 31. Late registration through June 9. Sign-up NOW!

Register now; click this link.

  • Tuesday (for early-birds): a trip to George Washinton’s Mt. Vernon Plantation.
  • Wednesday, day 1: Welcomes and discussions in the Stamp Student Union, Univ. of Maryland, College Park campus.
  • Thursday, day 2: Discussion and press conference at the U.S. Capitol; tour and programming at the Library of Congress.
  • Friday, day 3: Community Journalism Day at the Newseum; talks, tours and a catered Wolfgang Puck lunch.
  • Saturday, day 4: Critiques followed by the awards banquet.
  • Sunday: sadly saying goodbye.

Waltner Returns to Run Critiques

I just got word from ISWNE renowned retiree Tim Waltner that he will be back to help with the critique sessions! That is huge, big, good news for me. (Thanks, Tim!)

With luck, things will run swimmingly as they have in the past. I look forward to working with Tim and to making sure we get what we need where we need it.

Next week at some point I will be in touch with the University of Maryland, College Park, about where, exactly, we’ll be meeting. There are two options, but more on that later.

Check back here, as always, to see the latest.

–Steve Thurston, host of #iswne2017

2017 is the year for ISWNE DC

View of the Newseum atrium and helicopter. Photo by Don McCullough (Flickr: Don McCullough, Creative Commons).
View of the Newseum atrium and helicopter. Photo by Don McCullough (Flickr: Don McCullough, Creative Commons).

Block your calendar, you won’t want to miss ISWNE DC 2017! Wednesday June 28 through Sunday July 2, 2017!

We are still working on the details of all the days, but the outline has taken shape nicely:

Wednesday (June 28): Welcomes and Hellos at the University of Maryland, Merrill School of Journalism. (A huge thank you for their support so far!)

Thursday (June 29): We’re off to Capitol Hill!

  • Capitol tours in the morning.
  • Library of Congress in the afternoon.

Friday (June 30): The Newseum

  • Virtual Reality and the News
  • Live-feed of our events out to the world!

Saturday (July 1): Editorial Critiques

  • Editorial Critiques and Banquet

July 2 Sunday: So Longs and Farewells!

Keep coming back, more details to follow.