The Speakers Are In!

The speaking schedule is largely set for ISWNE DC 2017. Make sure you register in print or online.

LucyDalglishDean Lucy Dalglish from the Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park will welcome us, along with students from the esteemed program.

Rob Logan from the National Institutes of Health, Frank LoMonte from the Student Press Law Center and Tonda Rush of the National Newspaper Association will walk us through what they are watching.

AlexanderFotoAndy Alexander of Foothills Forum, a nonprofit news venture; Samantha Harman, for the Greenslade Bursary; Gordon Cameron, winner of this year’s Mazza Scholarship; and Bill Miller, winner of the Cervi award will give us the 411 on their activities.

A host of people at the Library of Congress will show us around the beautiful buildings and help us with the journalism history and culture found there.

Still I await to hear from others. I’ll let you know when I know more. –Steve Thurston, conference host.


Publisher-Editor Assumes Role of Golden Dozen Judge!

Golden Dozen, Golden Quill Award 2017So that you don’t feel the urge to send $20 in small, unmarked bills to the 2017 Golden Dozen judge, I’m not revealing her name just yet.

Trust me, though, she:

  • is a community journalist with tons (that’s “tonnes” to my British friends) of experience.
  • publishes a chain of papers, edits, writes, and is politically active in the press association.
  • participated in the front-page-blitz
  • supports the notion that community papers should be strong voices in their communities.

This is gonna be good!

–Steve Thurston, conference coordinator.

PS: You like the G12-GQuill logo? Spiffy, eh?


Set Your Calendar for ISWNE DC 2017!

Have you blocked your calendar yet for ISWNE DC 2017? You should. We have confirmed two major programs:

1: The Newseum. Not only are they cutting us an incredible discount on the space (how does free sound?), we’ll be looking at journalism through an entirely new lens: a Virtual Reality lens.

In June, the Newseum will showcase Virtual Reality, and we’ll be getting either the personal tour or the behind-the-scenes peeks.

2: Library of Congress. We’ll get the behind-the-scenes look at the immensely popular (and important) Chroncling America, a wonderful online and in-person celebration of American newspapers.

Details will keep coming in. Keep checking back!

Locking Down Event Days/Times

Hello ISWNE!

We have locked a day and some ideas down with the Newseum and Library of Congress. Both are (thankfully) inexpensive as the LoC considers this educational and is federally funded. The Newseum is giving us space out of the goodness of their hearts. We’ll be able to live-stream at least one of our major lectures.

The Newseum will have a virtual reality program either ready for us to see fully, or a behind-the-scenes look at a nearly-ready show. The hope is to ask ISWNE members about technology at their own papers and how the latest tech could and should be used by our members. A huge thanks there goes to Gene Policinski, the COO of the Newseum Institute, a former USA Today and Gannett papers editor at many different levels, and an all-around wonderful guy.

I am talking to the people at the soon-to-be-opened (September 2106) National Museum of African American History and Culture. They’re not quite set-up yet for talking to people about visiting, but the plan is to visit there on the same day that we visit the Newseum. The Newseum will take the morning and lunch. The AAHC will take a few hours in the afternoon or early evening.

Metro train in tunnel. Photo by Josh Hallett (Flickr: Josh Hallett).
Metro train in tunnel. Photo by Josh Hallett (Flickr: Josh Hallett).

We will be using the Metro system despite the fact that it is under a major repair project, called “Safe Track,” which requires entire portions of the system to be shut down. The whole project should be completed a couple months before ISWNE arrives. I’ll be watching this closely.

The University of Maryland at College Park is on the Green Line of the Metro System. It should receive its repairs and have its shutdowns in November and December this year. So far, a couple weeks into Safe Track, reports in local media say, things could be much worse.

See you in June 2017!

–Steve Thurston, Conference Chair